About Us

Proactive thinking, a partnership mentality when working with customers and a focus on excellence is what drives our development.

At Tork Winch - Posilok, innovative thinking and engineering technology combined with over two decades of experience are why we produce the best winches in the industry.

By seeing how things could be done differently, we have revolutionized winch design and fabrication. Drawbacks have become breakthroughs, and the result has been unique, application-specific winches that require little to no maintenance.

Our research and development team is constantly working on new designs, and our on-site testing facility provides delivery of 100% dependable, defect-free products. Best of all, with the industry’s leading experts, Tork Winch - Posilok delivers field-proven solutions to even the toughest challenges. 

Our success on several difficult, high-profile projects, along with our patented designs and reputation for innovation, has led architects and engineers around the world to consult with our industry-leading experts.

Tork Winch - Posilok offers:
  • unique, application-specific designs
  • high-quality winches (the best in the industry)
  • customer-focused service
  • scalable winch solutions
  • passion, confidence, and leadership
  • 24/7 research and development team
  • on-site testing for defect-free products
  • the industry’s best experts, worldwide